Moving Humans launched in 2018 as a convention of movement. A weekend of collaboration across movement practices, bringing together facilitators who are passionate leaders and innovators in their disciplines to share workshops and talks with a growing community of movers. Facilitators share a collaboration of skills and practices, offering something for curious humans who want to try out something new, and experienced practitioners who want to enhance their practice or learn new ways to move their bodies.

This two-day convention offers more than 25 options of workshops and talks. With multiple workshops happening at the same time, you can choose your own adventure throughout the weekend and connect with other movers and shakers.

Meet the Moving Humans Team

Meet Richard-Dean SumaresMarissa Dana & Donna Kisogloo

Movement. Community. Exploration.
The things that bring us together.

All longtime movers who have found our way together to create Moving Humans. Our goal is to bring together communities of movers. To gather some of the best, most skilled and passionate teachers in a diverse range of movement practices to teach workshops and offer talks that will both literally and figuratively move you. And, ultimately, we look forward to attracting a combination of local and global movers to our beautiful home of Cape Town, South Africa.